Later, Sha Shan returned to the United States as Sister Sun, the reluctant bride of cult leader Brother Power, himself a pawn of the evil Man-Beast.

Sha Shan ultimately turned on Korba, and the Man-Beast was thwarted through the combined efforts of Spider-Man, Razorback and Flash.

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The only exception was a boxing match between the two in the school gym, where Peter evaded Flash's punches with his reflexes and knocked him out with a single punch.

Eugene "Flash" Thompson was a former classmate of Peter Parker. Flash was physically abused by his alcoholic father, leading to Flash's own violent, bullying nature.

He lived with his father Harrison Thompson, a police officer in the New York Police Department, his mother Rosie Thompson and his little sister Jesse.

This gained him popularity and respect, but he still remained jealous of Peter's book smarts.

Later, as part of a plan of driving Spider-Man to murderous violence by attacking his family and friends, Osborn kidnapped Flash (under the pretense of picking him up from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting), force-fed him whiskey and had him crash a truck into Midtown High School, where Peter worked.

Flash survived but he suffered severe brain damage that left him in a coma.

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Flash once tried to play a trick on Peter by dressing in a Spider-Man costume and attempting to frighten him.