Most of the church agrees that, once the couple are in covenant, focusing one’s thoughts in a sexual manner on someone not your spouse is also adultery.But our society has never accepted the idea that focusing one’s thoughts…

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When choosing a main pic, make sure to show the masses what you look like on any given day, not just October 31. No, we're just going to lay down this general rule: When it comes to digital dating, you should go it alone in your snaps (unless you're a member of that new buddy system dating site, Duo Dater).

A group shot of you and your pals playing Frisbee or idyllically leaping in a rushing brook aren't all that bad (They show your adventurous side!

However, if you do, in fact, have a child, by all means let all future Daddy Warbuckses and Maria Rainers know. The wo/man behind the mask Why they're clicking "next": Including a picture from this year's Halloween extravaganza can be a great way to show potential soul mates your "fun side." However, when your profile snap depicts you dressed as Hunter S.

Thompson in "Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas" when most days you're adorned in chinos and polos, the ladies -- they get confused. More than one's a crowd Why they're clicking "next": We're going to refrain from telling you at this juncture to cut out any pics of you and your ex (because if we have to tell you that, you're likely not over your ex, and you should likely not be online dating).

She was created, and given to him, and they became man and wife.

Similarly in Ezekiel 16 we read of a relationship between God and Israel.let alone that doing so is actually a great gift and a protection.Scripture, when speaking of the marriages of Adam and Eve, God with Israel, and Christ with the church, is quite clear on the life-long nature of their covenantal relationship.Despite her humble birth, God says He took Israel into his house, under His wing; beginning with rescuing her from death by exposure.Washing her, clothing her, He raised her in His house until the time for love came when He entered into a covenant with her and took her to His bed, producing children. From the foundation of the world the elect were given in permanent covenant to Christ. I believe that those of us who believe the most strongly in betrothal have the broadest definition of what ‘defrauding’ means in the context of marriage.Before Eve was created God said, “I will make a help-meet for [Adam].” She was created for him.