On October 29, 2015, Hart made a guest appearance on ET, being interviewed by current host Nancy O'Dell; her appearance was meant to kick off a month-long celebration of the program's 35th season.As co-chair of the New Hospital Building Campaign Committee for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, she helped pave the way for the opening of the new hospital building in July 2011.

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"I choose to look for the good in people, not the bad.

She may not be one of those people with a voice only dogs can hear …

That led to a job in 1981 as co-host of Regis Philbin's first national talk show on NBC.

When that show was canceled four months later, Entertainment Tonight interviewed her about what it felt like to be canceled.

Hart has been parodied in Animaniacs in the character "Mary Heartless".

She had also voiced a cartoon character named "Fairy Hart" in an episode of The Fairly Odd Parents where Bob Goen voiced "Bob Glimmer", and in The Fairly Oddparents TV movie, Fairly Odd Baby.

Mary Hart, who co-hosts Entertainment Tonight, was clearly given the gift of gab; but for some people, this is not the kind of gab they want to have any part of.

Perhaps a more famous instance of someone suffering from MHS is Cosmo Kramer, whose first-hand account explained, "Suddenly I got dizzy and the next thing you know I hit my head on the coffee table." If only there had been a coffee table book about coffee tables to soften his fall.

On March 29, 1987 she participated in the World Wrestling Federation's Wrestle Mania III, serving as the guest timekeeper in the main event between Hulk Hogan and André the Giant.

During the summer of 1988, Hart appeared in Las Vegas with comedian David Brenner at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, which realized another of her childhood dreams, singing and dancing on stage.

Hart landed a small role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, as well as some TV commercials.