Seven years on, he says, his main music blog attracts more readers than his old newspaper, La Tribune.

Audio: Extracts from the interview with Jimmy Wales (7MB, )Blogger/Odeo, Evan Williams In 1999, Evan Williams and friends Meg Hourihan and Paul Bausch began writing blogs.

Christians who seek to understand what is intended in Torah will have to move beyond conventional, polemical caricatures of legalism, in order to ponder an interpretive practice that is (a) intransigently normative and yet enormously open to adaptation; and (b) has an uncompromising sovereign at its center, but with a capacity to attend in delicate ways to the detail of daily existence.

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Whereas Torah as command is focused on the ethical dimension of existence, Torah as instruction, guidance, and nurture is preoccupied with the aesthetic and artistic, a realm that comes to be expressed as the mystical and sacramental.

That is, Torah is as much concerned with the inscrutable mystery of presence as it is with the nonnegotiability of neighborly obedience.

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This section discusses how God, a "totally other" Being beyond the understanding of humans, communicates or "mediates" His presence in a way that can be understood and practiced in Israel’s experience.

The revelation of Torah to Moses is originates and defines Israel as a nation.

It calls Israel into covenant with God and defines the parameters of that relationship. It does provide many commands which Israel is to obey uncompromisingly and establishes authority for the nation.

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Audio: Extracts from the interview with Joshua Schacter (3.5MB, )Netvibes, Tariq Krim Krim started a French blog devoted to the emerging 'MP3 generation'.

In the mode of theophany, Yahweh relates as Yahweh chooses, without condition, reservation, qualification, or explanation.