In Once More, With Feeling, Victoria Coren worries whether people will think her "a nasty old tart".

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Our first model predicts that the alkaline intrusions were emplaced along left-lateral cross-faults, which accommodated distributed right-lateral shearing.

In contrast, our second model does not require major distributed strike-slip shearing, and relates the emplacement of Cenozoic alkaline intrusions to sea-floor spreading in the Adare Basin, coupled with intracontinental transfer faulting.

A nice idea for a book - and Once More, With Feeling is indeed a jolly read - but far removed from reality, one would think.

I for one would have been deeply sceptical about the notion of a middle-class incursion into the world of porn, if it weren't for the fact that my old next-door-neighbours make a bona fide living out of doing just that.

In fact, I left the industry a couple of times before I finally decided to come back into it and stay.

I didn't want people looking at me in a certain way. Even now I think to myself, she can be the spokesman, because if I do it I'll just confirm all the stereotypes.We were going to do something about changing this so-called industry."Chris and Anna have O-levels, A-levels and degrees.Anna went to a Kent convent school where, she tells me, "the nuns told us to keep our knees tight together at all times".I'm a businesswoman and Chris and I take what we do very seriously.From the beginning we decided we were never going to break the law, never going to be looking over our shoulder.Chris got a first in French literature at Bristol University where his tutors begged him to stay on and pursue a career in academia.