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3D Realms (legal name Apogee Software, Ltd.) is an American video game publisher and video game developer based in Garland, Texas, United States, established in 1987.

3D Realms was created in 1994 for the 3D game Terminal Velocity and was responsible for the latest installments of the successful Duke Nukem games and for producing the Max Payne series (earlier 3D games like Rise of the Triad were released under the Apogee name).

The Pinball Wizards name was created for the 1997 pinball title Balls of Steel, but has not been used since.

As a result, 3D Realms has replaced Apogee as the brand name to publish games under.

Also, by the end of the 1990s, Apogee felt their brand name was more associated with old, outdated games and adopted the 3D Realms brand for all future releases.

Registering the first episode would also enable the customer to receive support for that game, as well as giving them cheat codes for it. Initially, each episode of a game was sold separately, with discounts for buying all the episodes together.

Later games did not offer the option to buy a specific episode; the customer could play the shareware version (first episode) for free, and buy the full registered version (all episodes) if they liked the game.

However, this marketing model did not prove to be profitable enough, so Apogee decided to implement a variation on the shareware model.

Starting with Kingdom of Kroz, Apogee would provide the first installment of a game composed of several episodes (usually three) for free (as shareware), and sell the remaining installments by mail order.

When the 3D Realms name was first conceived, the official motto was Reality is our Game. The Apogee name was spun off as Apogee Software LLC in 2008, a separate company that would handle distribution, remakes, and other developments related to older Apogee games.