When America's eyes turned to Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria last month, President Donald Trump was quick to condemn the "massive debt" the island was dealing with, even while the US territory was still in the throes of the storm's aftermath.He went on to remind Puerto Ricans that this debt needed to be paid back to Wall Street, and blamed local officials for the poor response to the island's humanitarian crisis.But fuel supplies are also being rationed there, leading to a 25 percent reduction in hospitals’ operational hours, the New York Times reported.

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And that was before the Great Recession, which decimated the economy further.

Because the 1976 tax plan was designed by the federal government to benefit large corporations, Puerto Rico's economy became dependent on them, and once they left there was little indigenous entrepreneurship to replace these giants.

It’s unclear where exactly in Puerto Rico the picture was taken, or what kind of surgery was being performed.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 percent of the island is still without power.

Several Twitter commenters questioned why more patients weren't aboard the USNS Comfort.

Others applauded the surgeons for using techniques that compare to battlefield trauma surgeries.

This led to a massive influx of businesses, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, to relocate to Puerto Rico and jumpstart its industrial economy.

The effort paid off, and Puerto Rico's economy flourished.

The hospital ship has 250 beds, but most of them reportedly remain empty as downed communications prevent patients from being transported to the ship Functioning without or with very limited power supplies, hospitals have been forced to resort to creative solutions like the photographed surgeons, using their cell phones to light surgeries.

Power regularly cuts out until the generators can be refilled.

NBC reported that the power grid will have to be rebuilt from scratch and that parts Puerto Rico may be left without power through mid-December.