There were “reasonable grounds to believe” the patient had been abused, and under Quebec law doctors are obliged to report to the youth protection director any case where they believe a child is in danger.

An infant regularly choked unconscious so the parents could consume drugs in peace.“He was motivated by his desire to save children,” said the retired pediatrician Gilles Fortin, who worked with Sirard at Montreal’s Sainte-Justine Hospital.[np_storybar title=”Feel like you need some help and want someone to speak with?

” link=””]Call the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention at 204-784-4073, contact a local crisis centre or call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or reach out online at [/np_storybar]But Sirard’s zeal to protect the vulnerable was ultimately his undoing.

Les transducteurs de pression à élément piézorésistif micro-usiné d’OMEGA ont fait leurs preuves dans les applications commerciales, de tests et de mesure, aérospatiales et automobiles requérant une excellente performance.

La façon dont ceux-ci sont construits permet d’obtenir des transducteurs très robustes avec une précision, une stabilité et une correction d’effet thermique exceptionnelles.

With Sirard’s death, the College of Physicians has closed its investigation into him, and the details remain confidential.

The administration at Sainte-Justine will not discuss the disciplinary action taken against Sirard, but a spokeswoman said it was not the result of any medical error.

The clinic’s specialists are summoned when suspicious injuries turn up in the emergency room.

The hospital did not allow Sirard to be interviewed, so instead the show relied on file footage of him walking down a courthouse corridor, played in slow motion that made him appear sinister.

Eventually the father agreed to tell the doctor “what really happened.” Using a doll, he showed how he would repeatedly slap the child’s head, twist his ear, bite his neck and choke him to the point where he required mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.