Think about how much changes from that time when you met? He sounds like he's interested in things he wasn't before and is acting differently.

I don't think thats about not wanting to marry you but might be about being a 24/25 year old guy.

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The important part is you take a lesson away from your bickering, and dont let it build up into something explosive or resentful.

And while novel that he discusses children, I wouldnt take much to heart if he digs in his heels at the mention of making a life commitment to the woman who is supposedly going to bear his children.

By doing those, we had an easier time talking about things we were afraid to talk about before and had a third party to help coach us with communications and challenges of marriage.

I think if more people took these, they would save more marriages, or at least give both people a chance to really look at the choice their making and decide if its best for them. I remember feeling like we never did but it was back then we were afraid to bring up the small things.

Youll hear it many times and if you get married youll hear it even more. Im married to this man now and I can see the wordly difference in us.

Its hard sometimes because he just isnt at the same spot as I am but that was a choice I made and not something I hold against him.What we want as 19 year olds for our 25 year old self is typically a lot different than what our 25 year old self wants for itself..Don't get me wrong I was SOOO frustrated and hurt by waiting and waiting (we got engaged at 7 years and married at 8 year) but at the same time I still got married at 26 which is close to average - i think...?? For me I trusted him to know that we would get there, but I am not the person who says **** or get off the pot.I would suggest you look into premarital counseling.It was something we did and I think we faced potentially relationship breaking topics and issues through these sessions.I am the person who wonders and analyzes why he doesn't want to make that move. He knows what you want, but do you know what he wants?