More than 60% of the houses lost in South Australia were in the Mount Lofty Ranges.Of the 26 people who died in South Australia, 12 were in metropolitan areas, including four in the Adelaide suburb of Greenhill.

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were a series of bushfires that occurred in south-eastern Australia on 16 February 1983, which was Ash Wednesday in the Christian calendar.

Within twelve hours, more than 180 fires fanned by winds of up to 110 km/h (68 mph) caused widespread destruction across the states of Victoria and South Australia. This included 14 CFA and 3 CFS volunteer fire-fighters who died across both states that day.

By February 1983, summer rainfall for Victoria was up to 75% less than in previous years.

The first week of February was punctuated by intense heat, with record high temperatures experienced on 1 and 8 February.

Mount Lofty House has since been turned into a boutique hotel.

St Michael's House, a mansion converted to an Anglican monastery in the 1940s, was also burnt in the fires, but not restored and the whole site has since been cleared, leaving only the ruins of the gate house.

These fires were referred to as "Ash Wednesday" until the 1983 fires, which became notorious nationwide.

As 1982 came to a close, large areas of eastern Australia lay devastated by a prolonged drought thought to be caused by the El NiƱo climatic cycle.

The first big bushfire occurred on 25 November 1982 and was followed by large fires on 3 and 13 December 1982.