This "support your man regardless of what he does" is a bunch of bullshit.

If he's cheating on me, he isn't giving me the world. What makes you think because a man has a dyck, he can just treat a woman any ole way and she' supposed to just "take it." Some men want their cake and ice cream too.

This is Kim and Kanye at their most mirrored, with both looking less than gleeful about their night out, although the way Kim reaches for her husband’s hand suggests they’re still intent on creating a romantic vibe.’ Judi added that Kanye is behaving ‘protectively’ towards his wife despite appearing domineering: ‘Kanye still does the alpha male walking ahead protectively thing, towing his wife along.

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Why's it gotta be about BLACK women though Lets Get It?

Alot of OTHER RACES have done this also you ignorant fool.

O yeah, Kim isn't a girl that most men look at & WISH they had, becuz most of them have ALREADY had her smh! You may be cheated on but if you are the main one your spot is solidified...

Seems like she's hopin to be on one of those celebrity exes REALITY SHOWS! What you should be doing is supporting your man and not giving him grief about ANYTHING and I guarantee you no matter what he is doing he will give you the world!!! I will support my man, like he supports me, but I won't support a man who isn't treating me with respect, love, and honor (the way I treat him).

Kanye West was seen being a protective husband to wife Kim Kardashian as they enjoyed a date night ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The couple were spotted heading out following Ellen De Generes’ 60th birthday party for a bit of alone time, looking their usual dour selves, and it appeared neither were really feeling it, with Kanye coming off all ‘alpha male’ while Kim seemed to seek reassurance from her man.

‘Kanye is not a traditional giver when it comes to PDAs but it’s unusual to see Kim looking so deadpan and uncommunicative in body language terms.’ While they’re putting on a united front, Kim was recently hit with controversy after she had daughter North take a risque picture of her.

The 37-year-old reality star and mogul shared the saucy snap on Thursday, and fans immediately found a problem with the toddler using her camera skills on such an image.

But the worst part of dating him, she claims, was the constant female attention he faced. He claimed on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club show this morning, “That was our secret.

Kanye West's ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon gave an interesting perspective on his relationship with Kim Kardashian and how it all serves a higher purpose for his brand. All things we kinda figured out a while ago, but interesting to hear one of his exes confirm. You can learn a lot about a person when their "ex" starts spilling intimate details. Part of being untouchable is having what other people want.

Analysing the photographs, author & body language expert Judi James says that the pair are mirroring each other’s body language, and that despite their sour expressions there is a subtle ‘romantic vibe’ going on.