DEVO: Devonia DEVO: Hardcore Volume 1 DEVO: Hardcore Volume 2 DEVO: Total Devo DEZERTER: Kup te plyte DEZERTER: Wszyscyprzeciwkowszystkim DIABOLIKS: Danger!

DIAMOND NEIL: Headed for the Future DIAMOND NEIL: I'm Glad You're Here with Me Tonight DIAMOND NEIL: September Morn DIAMOND NEIL:20 Golden Greats DIAMOND NEIL: Velvet Gloves And Spit DIAMONDS: Planet Earth DIAZ LUIS: Uusi luomus DIAZ LUIS: Vapauden laulu DICK DYNAMITE & HIS HOT LIPS: Dick Dynamite & His Hot Lips DICKIES: Dawn of the Dickies DICTATORS: Bloodbrothers DICTATORS: Manifest Destiny DICTATORS: Search & Destroy/Sleepin' with the T.

COTTON CLUB COTTON CLUB - 20 UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES COUNT FIVE: Psychotic Reaction COUNTRY ACES COUNTRY EXPRESS: Country Album - 24 Great Songs COUNTRY EXPRESS: Good Old-Brand New COUNTRY EXPRESS: One More Shot COUNTRY FIT FOR HEROES COUNTRY FIT FOR HEROES VOLUME 2 COUNTRY FOUR: Country Four COUNTRY HEARTBREAK COUNTRY JOE: Viet Nam Experience COUNTRY MIRRORS COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME VOL.13 COUNTRYPOLITAN COUNTRY ROCK COUNTRY SUNSET COUNTY JAYNE/WAYNE AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS: The Best of THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS: The Electric Chairs COUNTY WAYNE & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS: Man Enough to Be a Woman COUNTY WAYNE & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS: Storm the Gates of Heaven COUNTY WAYNE & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS: Things Your Mother Never Told You COUPERIN FRANCOIS: L'apothose de corelli/L'astre//JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU: Pices de clavecin en concert COURTNEY RAGAN: The Carpenter's Town COYNE KEVIN: Heartburn COYNE KEVIN: Matching Head And Feet COYNE KEVIN: Pliticz CRACKERS: Sex & Gex & Rock & Roll CRACKIN: Crackin CRACKIN: Makings of a Dream CRADDOCK BILLY "CRASH": Still Thinkin' 'Bout You CRAMPS: All Tore up CRAMPS: All Tore up CRAMPS: All Women Are Bad//Cry Baby Suite: King of the Drapes/Teenage Rage/High School Hellcats CRAMPS: Big Beat from Badsville CRAMPS: Bikini Girls with Machine Guns//Jackyard Backoff/Her Love Rubbed off CRAMPS: Can Your Pussy Do the Dog//Blue Moon Baby/Georgia Lee Brown CRAMPS: Coast to Coast - Live Radio Broadcast Recordings CRAMPS: Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon//Jailhouse Rock/Beat out My Love CRAMPS: A Date with Elvis CRAMPS: De Lux Album CRAMPS: Do the Clam 1986 CRAMPS: Eyeball in My Martini//I Wanna Get in Your Pants/Wilder Wilder Faster Faster CRAMPS: Fetischism CRAMPS: Fetischism Vol.9 ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Comin' Right at Ya ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Framed ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Pasture Prime ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Served Liva ASPELUND MONICA & AARNO RANISEN ORKESTERI: Lapponia ASSAGAI: Assagai ASSALAM ALEIKOUM AFRICA VOLUME TWO ASSIA LYS: O mein Papa ASSIYO BELLEMA - GOLDEN YEARS OF MODERN ETHIOPIAN MUSIC ASSOCIATION: Waterbeds in Trinidad ASTAIRE FRED:20 Golden Greats ASTA KASK: Rock mot svinen ASTON REYMERS RIVALER: Aston!

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38 CHOPIN FREDERIC: Funeral March Sonata/The Four Ballades CHOPIN FREDERIC: Piano Concerto No 2 in F Minor/MENDELSSOHN FELIX: Piano Concerto No 1 in G Minor CHOPIN FREDERIC: Piano Concertos CHOPIN FREDERIC: Preljudii CHOPIN FREDERIC: Preludes CHOPIN FREDERIC: Recital CHOPIN FREDERIC: Sonata No.

1/Fantasia in F Minor CHOPIN FREDERIC: Vallankumousetydi ja muita Chopinin suosittuja pianokappaleita CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA OF THE HUNGARIAN STATE FOLK ENSEMBLE: Chorus And Orchestra of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble CHRISTIANS: The Christians CHRISTIANS & ALARM: Mer n ngonsin CHRISTIANUS: Elmsi CHRISTIANUS: Hn el CHRISTIANUS: Suurta on el CHRISTOPHE: Aline CHRON GEN: Chronic Generation CHUNKY, NOVI & ERNIE: Chunky, Novi & Ernie CHVMY I PESNI SAN-REMO V MOSKVE CHYDENIUS KAJ: Kauneimmat rakkauslaulut CHYLA TADEUSZ: Splewa wlasne ballady CIAO ITALIA CIAO SAN REMO CIAO SAN REMO '85 CIAO SAN REMO '86 CICERO EUGEN: Eugen Cicero CICERO EUGEN: Highlights CICERO EUGEN: Swinging Classics CINQUETTI GIGLIOLA: Go (Before You Break My Heart) CINQUETTI GIGLIOLA: Si CIOBANU MARIA: Maria Ciobanu CIOCORLIA: The Famous Romanian Folklore Ensemble Vol.

BLIND BLAKE: That Lonoesome Rave BLIND BLAKE: That Will Happen No More BLIND BLAKE: The Vanished Bluesman in Richmond BLIND FAITH: Blind Faith BLISS PETER: Peter Bliss BLITZ: Time Bomb - Early Singles And Demos Collection BLO: Phase II BLO: Step Three BLOMERUS HERMAN: Laulun lapsi BLOMERUS HERMAN: Vaikka kyhn synnyin BLOMQVIST MAUNO: Laulaa Paul Robesonin lauluja BLOMQVIST MAUNO: Pietarin tiet pitkin BLONDIE: Autoamerican BLONDIE: Blondie BLONDIE: Eat to the Beat BLONDIE: Parallel Lines BLONDIE: Plastic Letters BLOOD CEREMONY: Blood Ceremony BLOOD CEREMONY: The Eldritch Dark BLOOD CEREMONY: Living with the Ancients BLOODSHOT!


Aimo DALLAPE: Levytyksi ajalta 1930-1940 DALTON LARRY & LIVING SOUND: Sing Around the World DALTONZ: Suedehead Rock DAMBA FANTA: Accompagne la Cora par Batourou Skou Kouyat NAZ NOMAD & THE NIGHTMARES: Give Daddy the Knife Cindy DAMNED: The Black Album DAMNED: Damned Damned Damned DAMNED: The Long Lost Weekend-Best of Vol 1 DAMNED: Machine Gun Etiquette DAMNED: Music for Pleasure DAMNED: Phantasmagoria DAMNED: Strawberries DANCE: In Lust DANCE THE KOLO - SOUTHERN-SLAV FOLK MUSIC FROM HUNGARY DANG THAI SON: Plays Chopin DANIEL: Bio sam Naivan DANIELS BILLY: The Magic of Billy Daniels DANK PISTA: Dank ntk DANN GEORGIE: LO mejor de Georgie Dann DANNY: Danny DANNY: Elmn maku DANNY: In Beat DANNY:28 suurhitti DANNY: Krme DANNY: Ninja DANNY: Se voi olla toisinkin pin DANNY: Story DANNY'S: Boogie Woogie Rock'n'Roll DANNY WILSON: Bebopmoptop DANSONS LE CASATSCHOK DARA PUSPITA: The Garage Years DARIN BOBBY: Darin 1936-1973 DARTS: Dart Attack DARTS: Darts DARTS: Everyone Plays Darts DAS GAB'S NUR EINMAL DAS GIBT'S NUR ZWEIMAL DASSIN JOE: Joe Dassin DATA: Living Inside Me/A-O (No Bungalow) DATE-X: Date-X DAVE: Dave DAVE AND DEKE COMBO: Hollywood Barn Dance DAVE CLARK FIVE: The Best of Dave Clark Five DAVENPORT COW COW: Alabama Strut DAVENPORT WALLACE AND HIS NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND: Wallace Davenport And His New Orleans Jazz Band DAVIDOW JOE: Continuity DAVIDOW JOE: Different Moments DAVIDSON DIANNE: Baby DAVIS BETTY: Betty Davis DAVIS BETTY: Nasty Gal DAVIS BETTY: They Say I'm Different DAVIS MILES: Bags' Groove DAVIS MILES: Bitches Brew DAVIS MILES: Greatest Hits DAVIS MILES: I grandi del Jazz DAVIS MILES: In a Silent Way DAVIS MILES: Kind of Blue DAVIS MILES: The Man with the Horn DAVIS MILES QUINTET: Miles Smiles DAVIS MILES: Milestones DAVIS MILES: Nefertiti DAVIS MILES: Sketches of Spain DAVIS REVEREND GARY: Twelve Gates to the City DAVIS REVEREND GARY: Pure Religion & Bad Company DAVIS SPENCER GROUP: Autumn '66 DAVIS SPENCER GROUP: The Second Album DAVIS SPENCER GROUP: Their First Lp DAWN PATROL: Dawn Patrol DAWSON RONNIE: Rockin Bones DAWSON RONNIE: Rockinitis DAWSON RONNIE: Still-a-Lot-of-Rhythm!

1 EARTH WIND & FIRE: That's the Way of the World EARTH WIND & FIRE: Touch the World EASTERLING SKIP: Taking Inventory EASTERN DARK: Girls on te Beach (with Cars) EASTERN DARK: Long Live the New Flesh EASTWOOD EVA: Min Melodi EASTWOOD CLINT & GENERAL SAINT: Stop that Train EASY: Easy EBBA GRN: Ebba Grn EBBA GRN: Krlek & uppror EBBA GRN: Samlade singlar 78/82 EBBA GRN: We're Only in It for the Drugs EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS: Fish 'n' Chips EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS: Life on the Line EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS: Teenage Depression EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS: Thriller EDDIE BOY BAND: The Eddie Boy Band EDDY DUANE: Shazam EDDY DUANE HIS "TWANGY" GUITAR & THE REBELS: The "Twangs" the "Thang" EDMUNDS DAVE: Get It EDMUNDS DAVE: Repeat When Necessary EDMUNDS DAVE: Tracks on Wax 4 EDMUNDS DAVE: Twangin' EDWARDS JOHN: Life Love And Living EDWARDS T.J.: Breezin' at the Cafe - The 1988 Broadcast Live from the Fine Line Music Caf, Minneapolis CALE J.CHENIER CLIFTON: In New Orleans CHEQUERED PAST: Chequered Past CHER: Cher Hits CHER: Star-Collection CHESS DOO-WOP CHIC: C'est Chic CHIC: Take It off CHIC: Trs Chic CHIFFONS: My Secret Love CHILD ALIVE CHILTON ALEX: Document CHILTON ALEX: Dusted in Memphis (And Elsewhere) CHILTON ALEX: Free Again - The "1970" Sessions CHILTON ALEX: Like Flies on Sherbert CHILTON ALEX: A Man Called Destruction CHILTON ALEX: Take Me Home And Make Me Like It CHMIHOVA IRINA: Russian And Gipsy Songs CHIMPIN' THE BLUES WITH JERRY ZOLTEN & ROBERT CRUMB CHINESE ROCKS CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND: The Inner Mystique CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND: No Way Out CHOPIN FREDERIC: Beliebte Klavierstcke CHOPIN FREDERIC: Complete Works CHOPIN FREDERIC: Etudes, Op 10/Nocturne in B major, Op 9.The Best of the Beat BEATLES:1962-1966 BEATLES:1967-1970 BEATLES: Abbey Road BEATLES: Anthology 1 BEATLES: Anthology 2 BEATLES: Anthology 3 BEATLES: At the Hollywood Bowl BEATLES: Broadcasting Live in the USA '64 BEATLES: A Collection of Beatles Oldies BEATLES: The Complete Silver Beatles BEATLES: Christmas Album BEATLES: The Early Years BEATLES: For Sale BEATLES: From Liverpool BEATLES: A Hard Day's Night BEATLES: Help!Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band BEATLES: Stereo Boxset BEATLES:20 Golden Hits BEATLES: White Album BEATLES: With the Beatles BEATLES: Yellow Submarine BEATLES: Yellow Submarine Songtrack BEATLES REIMAGINED THE SONGS LENNON AND MCCARTNEY GAVE AWAY BEATS INC: Can't Funk Original Mix./Can't Funk Progressive Mix.Basie BASIE COUNT: The Count Basie Years BASSEY SHIRLEY: Does Anubody Miss Me BASSEY SHIRLEY: My Way BASSEY SHIRLEY: Shirley BASTARDS: Jrjetn maailma BATMOBILE: Batmobile BATORS STIV: Disconnected BATTAGLIA: Rokkisavotta BAUHAUS: Burning from the Inside BAYMOORE JACK & THE BANDITS: Let's Drag BAYSIX: Stories BEACH BOYS: All Summer Long BEACH BOYS: Pet Sounds BEACH BOYS: Summer Days (And Summer Nights) BEACH BOYS: Surfer Girl BEACH BOYS: Surfin' Safari/Surfin' USA BEACH BOYS:20 Golden Greats BEACH PARTY BEAR RICHARD T.: Red Hot & Blue BEAST: The Beast Has Arrived BEASTS OF BOURBON: The Axeman's Jazz/Sour Mash/Black Milk BEAT: I Just Can't Stop It BEAT: What Is Beat?