In his early years pursuing a career in film industry, Jeremy Lee Renner juggled acting and makeup artist to make ends need.

His film debut in 1995 comedy "National Lampoon's Senior Trip" led him to supporting roles in numerous films and TV series, including "The Time of Your Life" (1999), "Angel" (2000), and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2001). Continuing to give solid performance in his forthcoming projects afterwards, he broaden his acting talents by taking various genres, ranging from sexual harassment drama "North Country" (2005) to independent films, such as "Neo Ned" (2005), to comedy "Love Comes to the Executioner" (2006).

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The equally unreliable Radar Online tried to peddle this same false narrative back then.

More importantly, Jennifer Tse has been observed to be interacting very actively online with potential actor boyfriend Jeremy Renner (he was Clint Barton in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I figured I could tone it down and do it on hot girls all day. It ended up being older ladies, which was just fine.

My philosophy on what makeup is…it's very different from what a woman's is.

Makeup came from a very psychological place—of the peacock. I find myself in troublesome situations quite often.

You want a guy's opinion on what looks good versus what you think looks good?

It’s never a good time to be skeeved, but being skeeved at work, and in Lizzie’s case, work is during an interview, with cameras rolling, so you don’t feel like you can be like, umm…get the f-ck away from me, is a not unfamiliar place to live.

They’ve worked together before, they’re both Avengers, perhaps that’s just how they vibe and this is nothing more than my personal preference lens warping a totally innocent moment. That said, the reason I’m writing about Elizabeth Olsen is to share some gossip that I heard recently.

She’s told friends she feels like she can really count on him.” The outlet’s seemingly manufactured source further asserts that the pair are “taking it slow,” but “planning to spend the whole summer together.” The alleged “insider” adds, “They are definitely enjoying each other’s company.” But Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Patton, who exclusively assures us that she and Renner are simply “not together,” and this is a non-story.

Interestingly, lazily picked up this claim, which Gossip Cop corrected more than two years ago.

So if she and Diego were indeed together, it doesn’t surprise me that, now that it’s over, she left no traces of it.