A four stroke with 90 hp was the motor I was looking for from SKIDOO.

I am replacing a 600 etec with the 900 ace on the demo rides the 900 was snottier at low end, but mid to top end (over 50mph) the etec has more acceleration where the 900 gets into a slow climb.

The only thing, and someone beside ednpatty mentioned it also, was the lack of engine braking.

Sls hook up-28

ednpatty, interesting to read about the difference in traction between the models, but on good, firm snow would it have been as noticeable?

How did the steering compare between the two given the snow conditions?

Sounds like the 900 ace is going to another winner for Ski Doo.

I think I read the same article, but I remember it just the opposite.

In my opinion it rides as good or better than my 600 did because of the extra 25 lbs or whatever the difference is I have a 09 with the 600 etec and it has been great, 7000 plus miles. Might miss the power a little but I think the upsides are huge.

Have not ridden one, but all the reviews have been great and I was impressed when I rode the 600 ace.We didnt get to go that fast for very long but in the short burst they let us go the 600 was out front after 55mph and pulling away until we had to back off at around 75mph.I didnt notice any major weight difference like the 1200 feels, I did notice a huge lack of traction on the mxz version while the gade model hooked up alot better, we rode in very soft mushy conditions but track spin with the mxz version was there while a 600 or even 800 etec mxz on the same demo ride still hooked up so it demonstrates the torque of the 4 stroke motor.I guess maybe a bit easiler to spin coming out of corners with less throttle just because of the lower end torque of the Ace. The only thing, and someone beside ednpatty mentioned it also, was the lack of engine braking.This is something I really liked about my Renegade SDI's the engine braking would wooo you down for turns and what not very seldom haveing to pull the brake lever..... The more I read the more I know I'm going to love this sled.Hadron Epoch Stationary Th lost art of letter writing and journaling screams to be revived on these smile-inducing day planners, notebooks and calendars that sport everything from doggie graphics to marbelized covers to cheeky titles.