Bagan is clearly being discovered and the crowds are coming.It’s not hard to imagine, standing here, a day when there will be traffic jams on the roads and on the pagodas themselves.

In this modern world it’s easy to get swept away by our busy and complicated lives.

Whether it be travelling to and from our many scheduled activities, caring for our loved ones, or being plugged in to one of our many devices, our minds are constantly running.

Monsho Kamii, a priest at Byodoin, said: "I wanted people to be able to feel the aesthetic values that date back a thousand years by using computer graphics to recreate how these sculptures originally looked." The sculptures are believed to have been originally created by Jocho, the acclaimed 11th century artist and master of religious statues who is widely credited with redefining Buddhist artistry in Japan.

The 52 Bosatsu on Clouds, each measuring around 25 ins in height, appear to hover in the air surrounding a larger central sculpture of Amida Buddha sitting on a lotus at Byodoin Temple.

Managing change means many things here in Myanmar, certainly political reform and equity for ethnic groups top the list.

Date/Time Date(s) - Jan 2 am - pm The Buddha instructed 4 different modes of meditation: Sitting, Standing, Walking, and Reclining (or lying down) .

Our temple is specially designed to do just that…to make you feel peace. Please join us for our fundraising luncheon in the Social Hall, March 4th, 2018, after Service.

Enjoy a hot and delicious lunch (to be announced) with friends and family.

Taking the time to stop, breathe, and realize the beauty in everything around us is something everyone can benefit from.

One of the most common things we hear from people when they first walk into our temple is the sudden feeling of calm that comes over them.

Marco Polo, my guidebook tells me, came through here in 1277 and wrote that the towers “make one of the finest sights in the world.” Whether or not he stood on this particular pagoda is not recorded.