It was tough, but it led to three fabulous years in the theatre.“I was heartbroken when my fiancé was killed in a car crash. I became a newsreader for Granada followed by programmes in the ITV regions – a favourite was my own show, Women Only, which ran for seven years.“I adored presenting on Pebble Mill At One because I love researching peoples’ lives. Like most women, I was in love with him and he asked me if I was married.

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She has also appeared in movies and shows including Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?

, The Harry Hill Show, Through the Keyhole and more.

During the episode, Sinitta also spoke of her former partner Simon Cowell, and criticised his commitment to their previous relationship.

Sinitta told viewers that “Simon was the first time I was actually in love with somebody”, before detailing how the pair were “on and off” for approximately three decades.

The So Macho singer, who enjoyed success in the 1980s, was one of the stars looking to find love in the charity special of the Channel 4 reality programme for Stand Up To Cancer.

However, the 54-year-old was surprised when her date for the evening, a self-proclaimed music-loving father had never heard of her.

It is unknown when Jan Leeming started as an actress but her career flourished in Britain only after being established in Australia and New Zealand as an actress and presenter.

She served as a stand-in newsreader for Channel 4’s breakfast show, The Big Breakfast during the 1990s.

“My parents couldn’t afford to send me to drama school, although I did have speech and acting lessons.