Knowing how to identify and validate leads is the first step to growing the business faster, even with the wave of people accessing and reviewing your products and services. It simply means one thing for the business: profit.

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You may or may not have a separate department for your sales.

Either way, when you identify and validate a lead, the next step is sales and reaching out to the client to showcase the products or services. If you are a big business and have several ways to contact your team, it would be best to have these ways of communication saved for future review and validation for leads.

The answer: lead validation “leads” you to your customers.

With the constraint of online interactions in internet marketing, identifying customers from the sea of people who go in and out of your website is not as easy as it looks.

It goes back to how fast you identify the leads in your customer interactions and how well you present your products and services to these potential customers, leading to a complete and successful clientele.

Every B2B marketer knows that bad leads waste budget, time and resources.

Next thing I knew, I was face down in dozens of surveys, analyst briefings, vendor reports and influencer articles published over the last 18 months, gathering as much secondary source info as possible.

Then, I dove into the primary source material, analyzing over 3.6 million B2B leads processed through the Integrate platform between September 2016 and August 2016 – all to answer three questions: The report’s findings point to B2B marketing challenges and consequences more significant that I had initially expected.

Analytics will help you prepare and anticipate your business needs at a given time and wave of requirements.

Keeping data and analysis of the data can help you forecast the trend of your business and the demand of your products at a given time, especially if you have products that go by the seasons.

However, it is the proverbial “diamond” under a rock moment, especially when you are trained to identify and validate potential leads that can lead to a successful transaction.