One of the best websites that genealogy hobbyists use to link together family connections of living relatives is Family Tree

This site helps you identify branches of a family tree by providing you with a list of family members and likely associates of anyone, if you have their name and the town and state they live in (or have lived in the past).

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By drilling down all the way to the appropriate high school, you’ll find a listing of people who’ve registered on the site with the same high school on record.

There are a surprising number of people who’ve registered on the site over the years, and there’s a very good possibility that the person you’re looking for has registered too.

When I searched for my name I discovered that this website has an accurate record of every single address I’ve had going all the way back to my first internship at Princeton, over 20 years ago.

And that was an address I had for less than three months!

What this website brings to the game is that it offers more extensive information than others.

It provides a map with the likely location of that person (as well as the number of record listings found), and then inside that box, you can scroll down to see more information.

These are captured by others when they need to find you.

There are many websites that search standard social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The birthday and age results on this site are much more accurate than most, as are the immediate and extended family listings.