Origliasso rose to fame in 2000's when she and her sister formed a pop duo The Veronicas.[2] Prior to The Veronicas, Origliasso had a small career in acting.

Stuart produced an EP in a more electronic style, and a year later, a second batch of songs in the pop rock style that the group initially became known for.

In 2004, Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso were introduced to the Music Director of the Bell Hughes Music Group (BHMG), Hayden Bell.

In late 2010, Lisa started a group called the Dead Cool Dropouts with her friend Tyler Bryant, mostly done using Garage Band on Mac.

They have released an EP of songs, these songs are called: "Write You Off", "Green Eyes Make Me Blue", and "Criminal Heart".

In 2007, the duo released their second studio album, Hook Me Up, which also peaked at number two in Australia and was certified 2× platinum for selling over 140,000 copies.

The album garnered four Australian top ten singles.

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In 1993 she won the Tamworth Songwriters’ Association new songwriter award.