The family's influence reaches far and wide, from local dealings on the East Coast to Hollywood, employing dialogue, threats, and brute force to get their way.

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Reuben and Ray-Ray have been, and will continue to be, cooperative with any further police investigation.” Click here to read the whole story.

Given the opportunity to travel back in time, specifically to the end of March, 1972, for the sole purpose of going to the movies in a major U. city, your choices of the notable films released that month were interesting and varied.

In 2004, after spending more than 20 years at fine establishments such as the Van Dyke Place Restaurant, the Whitney Restaurant, and Mac & Ray's, Chef Jeff Baldwin opened up his own restaurant and catering company, J.

Baldwin's, featuring his award winning stone fired pizza. The restaurant is busier than ever, and the catering division has grown by leaps and bounds!

Each of these films is a somewhat entertaining example of their genre, but one film, released that same month, would not only redefine its genre, it would redefine American cinema and prove to be one of the most cherished and influential films of all time, and serve as a career-defining film for all involved.

Released on March 24, 1972, based on the novel by Mario Puzo, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather quickly attained the status of instant classic, and if anything, has only risen in the estimation of critics and film fans worldwide. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t ever gone! It’s been a tradition to go there every Valentine’s Day and we’ve done so every year we’ve been together.The original Tales from the Crypt with Peter Cushing, and Frogs, with Ray Milland and Sam Elliott, might satisfy your desire to bring a little Horror into your life.If you would prefer a dose of Sci-Fi, you could choose Silent Running starring Bruce Dern, or the film version of Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel Slaughterhouse-Five, in which Perry King and Valeria Perrine each received their first screen credit. satisfied both female audiences and the "date night" movie niche for the month.The success of The Godfather led to the inevitable sequels, both with their own unique followings and reactions, each of which we will with time approach in this review.