Gotovo ste jo občudovali v filmih Pride and Prejudice in Never Let Me Go.

Pred kratkim je dobila glavno vlogo v priredbi The Great Gatsby. Vaši lasje bodo v poletnem času izpostavljeni zlatim sončnim žarkom, zato potrebujete pravilno zaščito pred sončnimi žarki tudi za svoje lase.


Women in particular use the, “I’ve tried it once and hated it” line, which may not be fair to future partners with more skill and experience.

I like fingers and smaller toys, especially during oral sex but I’m still not converted to the sensations when a penis is moving around in there.

This is not the time to play with the contents of the vegetable crisper, beer bottles or other household goods. The recipient is in control of what’s happening at all times.

Ignore that porny stunt of a man penetrating a woman’s anus, returning to the vagina, back to the anus and repeating.

That is a rapid-fire way to a urinary tract infection.

Porn producers cut the non-sexy scenes like disinfecting genitals to avoid cross-contamination but here we are dealing with real life.

(A man wanting to dress like a woman while being fucked anally with a strap-on in a humiliation scenario is a different story altogether.

Bitchy Jones expands on backwards feminisation better than I ever can.) I will be correct in guessing most of the women who read this will nod familiarly when reminded of men “accidentally” trying to slide into the anus during vaginal sex.

We all know which hole is which and ignorance should not be used as an underhanded entrance tactic, ever.