She had been "hanging out" (not dating, she clarifies) with the singer and record producer Charlie Puth, before an an old article resurfaced online about her and her ex, Posey.

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So it's like, 'Oh fuck, well, we can only go to your house or mine, we can't leave the house." actor Tyler Posey. But she clarifies it was not a "dis" at being single—rather, a critique on dating itself.

"There are so many unwritten rules about dating which I don't like.

I had to basically bang down his door, calling him like 'what the fuck are these tweets?

'" Puth later apologized but the damage had already been done.

"I've done other stuff with girls, but I really want to actually date a girl." In between bites of salad, she theorizes on why it hasn't happened for her yet ("maybe girls just don't like me"), and admits she has a hard time reading signals from women.

"I can't tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends."I have to worry about someone photographing my acne and how's it going to look and if someone's going to write about me having bad skin because 'she was partying' or 'out too late the night before.' That part [of fame] sucks for sure." Monroe's own well-documented, meticulously crafted celebrity image is something Thorne, who began modeling at six weeks old, knows intimately.Her mother, a marketing executive-turned-talent manager, had initially wanted Thorne to be a singer, but after early stints on , where she says she suffered from "a mentality where you don't know who you are." Thorne, whose natural voice is low and milky, says she was asked to talk at a higher pitch in interviews because Disney didn't think her deep range appealed to the show's young audience.I want people to know that it's okay to talk about it.And the more I do it, the more my fans will do it with each other, and with other people in their life." Still, Thorne's openness online can leave her vulnerable to vilification.As she puts it: "You make so many mistakes when you're young, but [as a celebrity] your mistakes are so harshly judged by everyone around the world.