For example: Without naming names, describe the situation and how you dealt with it.The response may focus on you, or it may involve other people.You have greater market value when you are looking on your own terms.

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It can be tempting to trash your former manager, but you need to find a way to put a positive spin on this answer.

Leanne King, president and owner of See King HR, suggests talking about what you learned from your worst boss: “My worst boss ever taught me things like graciousness, the absolute need for technical competency and professional respect -- these are core characteristics to creating high performing teams and areas she may have chosen to improve upon.

Over the years, I have noticed that my productivity has improved dramatically utilizing this method.

In fact, my work supervisor recently complimented me in a staff meeting with a dozen of my peers for consistently exceeding team and individual expectations as well as managing my time well." You’ve probably identified a weakness in anticipation of this question.

Refer to fit, personality issues or new directions.

Your goals and readiness for a new kind of role are generally safe terrain.

So here is what I did (analysis/decisions/actions).

The end result was ______." The interviewer wants to make sure you won't walk out after six months and that you'll be satisfied in your new position.

Here's an option: "In 2005, I was given project X with a 10-day deadline and goal Y.