These are in printable format and include a Leader's Guide.These lessons are great for any age adult including our young adults; it's never too early to realize all we have belongs to Him and He calls each of us to be good stewards.Today is your day to be creative as you let the truth of God's Word impact your life and the lives of those around you. "Using both Bible heroes & super heroes, these free Bible lessons for kids point out to children that God created them to be "Incredible Kids" & He has purpose for their lives!

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Continue reading "Object Lesson Using the Science of a Snowflake"I recently saw this on Facebook and loved it as a great thought-provoker beginning this new year!

It would be a great story to pair with Jesus' parable of the guests found in Luke 14:7-15 for a Bible study lesson!

"The Shoe Man" is an inspirational poem said to be credited to Leanne Freiberg; others believe the author to be unknown.

It causes us to rethink how we judge and treat others. We never know what may be going on in their lives, but God does.

You may have heard the saying about people who come into our lives leaving footprints, causing us to be forever changed.

Our family was blessed by just such a person - a child in foster care.Will we take the risk and the time to connect so they will see Jesus?We may end up being the one whose soul is truly touched though.that will help them see how unique and special God has created them!Continue reading "Back to School Object Lesson"Foster's about touching lives, and that goes both ways! using or creating exaggerated or skewed data, information, etc.: creative bookkeeping.