Melissa tried on dresses – Christi thinks they’re beautiful but perhaps for younger, more virginal brides who haven’t already been married three times.I understand what she’s saying, but I disagree – Melissa should wear whatever she wants, as should all brides – your wedding, your choice.

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Now she’s talking about it, and even though the Moms aren’t invited to the wedding (it’s going to be a small ceremony) they want to be a part of it and offer to go dress shopping with her, and Melissa agrees.

Meanwhile, Nia’s Mom Holly is miffed that during the pyramid Abby praised and rewarded Jill for her underhanded tactics last week when she worked against the Nia/Kendall duet by getting Kendall private lessons instead of having them rehearse together for the good of the routine.

Jill is thrilled that Kendall has another opportunity, but Abby chides Kendall for being expressionless, or as she puts it, “dead in the face.” Maddie rehearses her contemporary solo – it’s called “Uphill Battle” – and Abby says it’s a little darker than her usual pieces.

Then it’s time for another group rehearsal, but Mackenzie’s missing.

At any rate, Melissa sharing her wedding plans with the group is a big change from last year, and Holly sees it as a turning point for the Dance Moms.

Melissa drops Maddie off at the studio, and tells Abby she’s taking Mackenzie to the hospital to have her foot checked.On the way out the door he asks Abby if they are her friends and she says, "No, they're not my friends, they're my customers." For their first date Louie has rented an entire space called Flowers in the Attic, an establishment that is a combination florist, restaurant and gift shop.Louie tells Abby he’s writing a book because he’s on the verge of figuring women out, and this gives Abby a laughing fit.Abby gives out the assignments: there will be a group number called “Don’t Ask, Just Tell” – it’s a hip hop routine based on the former policy of the United States military regarding gay and lesbian servicemen and how they were made to, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” regarding their sexuality.Abby says she wants the girls to be themselves and not live with secrets or lies.Abby gets a phone call from a man, a gets all girly and giddy.