In 1995, Hollande was appointed Socialist Party spokesman and, two years later, elected head of the party, a position he held for 11 years.Grappling with the inflated egos and vicious factionalism of so-called comrades, he was viewed as someone who ducked difficult decisions and led from behind.

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In reality, his family lived in the upmarket Bois-Guillaume ‘heights’ of Rouen — until forced to move as a result of his father Georges’s extreme Right-wing politics.

Georges was exposed as a close supporter of a former Vichy official who stood for president in a campaign managed by Jean-Marie Le Pen, later infamous as the Holocaust-denying founder of the Front National.

Then came the blow of the 2007 presidential election.

Despite his position as party chief, he failed to win the nomination and had to suffer the ignominy of his long-time partner Ségolène Royal seizing the crown in his place, only to lose against Sarkozy.

‘He is Mr Conciliator, Mr Compromise, Mr Consensus,’ said one old friend.

With his pudgy features and portly frame, he was mocked by television satirists as ‘Flanby’ (a brand of caramel pudding) and Marshmallow Man.

With the help of The Rottweiler, this campaign saw the emergence of a new Hollande.

He lost weight, sharpened his suits and ditched his old-fashioned horn-rimmed glasses.

The feisty magazine journalist was revealed as Mr Hollande’s lover when he separated from the mother of his four children, the politician Segolene Royal, with whom he lived for 30 years.

She had gained the nickname ‘Rottweiler’ after she slapped a colleague on Paris Match who said something she deemed sexist. ‘I am not seeking notoriety and I am not seeking to grab the limelight.’ She has also voiced concerns at the prospect of losing her independence because of her partner’s new role – and so it seems a wedding is probably the last thing on the to-do list for the new power couple.

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