For example, you can have a payment be pulled every two weeks which matches up with a paycheck, you can increase your payments or decrease your payments, and all information is very easy to use and access. Earnest has made it really simple to refinance my student loans.The whole process was online with one phone call to verify my identity.Consolidating student loans does not affect the amount of interest you pay—it just simplifies your payments.

Student loan consolidation is the process of unifying several loans with different rates and terms into a single loan with a single payment.

The blended interest rate is determined by calculating the weighted average interest rate of the original loans (meaning higher balance loans have greater impact).

It's like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders! Rates and terms of very competitive and have reduced the overall amount I have to repay.

What makes Earnest shine are all of the configuration options throughout the lifespan of the loan.

We’ve put together a library of essential resources (like how-to guides, comparisons, and calculators) to help you make better choices when it comes to refinancing student loans. Browse Resource Library When you refinance student loans, you get credit for the positive changes to your financial profile since you originally took out the loans.

A student loan refinance is a good choice for people who have seen advances in their income, career, or credit score since they were in school.

You have to give a lot of financial info which is a little unsettling, but it makes sense.

I was able to choose the amount I wanted to pay each month, extending the timeframe for the loan by a few months in order to pay a little less, or shortening the timeframe if I wanted to pay more.

Our data-driven evaluation of your full financial profile gives us the ability to offer qualified borrowers lower, more personalized rates than traditional lenders can.