Please refer to this support article for more details.Last updated: August, 2017 ISSUE When you send an email with an attachment larger than 25 MB, you get an error message and the mail doesn’t go through.

This can cause a perceived smaller font if the zoom is set to less than 100%.

For example, if the zoom is set at 75%, the font of newly composed (or reply/forward) appears to be smaller, compared to the reading pane or an open received message (not in composing mode). Please check your zoom settings if you run into this issue and adjust as appropriate.

STATUS: INVESTIGATING This is a temporary change to Search that will be reverted back to the previous behavior in an upcoming release.

Last Updated: February 12, 2018 ISSUE The Outlook icon on the dock shows the unread count for both delegate and primary mailbox. STATUS: INVESTIGATING The Outlook for Mac team is currently investigating this issue.

Microsoft has undergone a number of rebrands over the past several years, and it probably would’ve been a good move if their resulting product names weren’t so confusing.

When someone refers to something like “Outlook”, what exactly do they mean?

STATUS: Workaround We’re working to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, please use your Web mail when sending attachments that are larger than 25 MB.

Last updated: January, 2018 ISSUE You receive Sync Error: 19803 when synchronizing your Office365 account.